Need someone on BidContender to update their details? Let them know now!

Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, meaning there tends to be frequent staff changes and movement within and between organisations.

As such, contact details and information can sometimes be out of date or incorrect. If you happen to notice that an organisation in your network needs to update their BidContender details, you can now notify them straight away. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the organisation in the “My Network” tab of the Network Directory.Screenshot of finding an organisation.
  2. Find the user who’s details need updating in the organisation’s list of users. Move the cursor over the user and you will now see a ‘Report an error’ option. Click on it to confirm you want to report the error.
    Step 1
  3. Once confirmed, an ‘error reported’ message will replace the ‘report an error’ message.
    Step 2
  4. An email will automatically send to the administrator of that organisation alerting them that their contact details require reviewing and updating.
    Step 3
  5. If you have any feedback on this new feature, please let us know at We’d love to hear from you.

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