Making your BidContender experience simpler and faster

At BidContender, we’ve been working on product enhancements based on your feedback, along with improvements that we trust will make your BidContender experience simpler and faster.

  • Auto-supersede – when you upload a new document revision to BidContender, it will automatically detect files with matching file names and supersede the old, existing one in the system. For those that use Aconex, you’ll be familiar with this function. Find out more information on our support pages at Support Central.
  • Login – logging into BidContender just got easier. We’ve updated it to capture your email address and added the call centre phone number should you need further assistance.
  • Package allocator performance improvements on IE11 – For those using the IE11 browser, we’ve made improvements to speed up the process. It will be most noticeable for small to medium sized projects. We’re working on performance for larger projects, however if you are experiencing difficulties, we recommend you change your browser from IE11 to Google Chrome. Our testing has shown that Google Chrome performs BidContender tasks significantly faster.

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