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$51m, Melbourne CBD apartment building

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Get a seat at the table

Put yourself in the know with construction projects being tendered in your region. Get connected to the contractor and quote directly to the decision maker. With BidContender, you can save hours searching through newspapers, emails and online noticeboards for construction tenders, giving you more time to focus on growing your business and increasing your returns.

As one of Australia’s largest networks, projects listed on BidContender are direct from the General Contractor, which means you’re connecting with the right person and quoting to the decision maker.

Once you've registered with BidContender, you can access Open Tenders, tender documentation, send RFIs and provide quotes, all at no cost.

At BidContender we value subcontractors securely quoting to general contractors with the correct documentation. All our efforts are to keep that free.

We also provide many extra paid features that you can read about through our subscription plans.

Seymour College - Kennet Construction

Seymour College - Kennet Construction

Secure the next project in your order book

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    When you're looking for more work, BidContender is a valuable tool

    Setting up your profile on BidContender is easy. Simply follow the steps and upload your most up to date information to let contractors know about your skills, capabilities and any areas of specialization. You can even specify the locations in which you provide your products and services making it easy for them to find you.

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    Connect with head contractors

    Start building relationships with contractors from day one. Search in your region and invite them to connect with you. Building up a network of contractors gets you on their radar and your foot in the door on more opportunities.

  • Trusted delivery

    Get invited to quote

    Over 80% of the tenders listed by contractors on BidContender are private invitations only. BidContender Pro subscribers have a greater chance of making a contractor's exclusive preference list with the opportunity to send invitations to connect to anyone in the network.

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    Open opportunities waiting for you

    When contractors or government tenders need to get more pricing, they put their project on Open Tenders, which allows any BidContender user to provide a quotation. A BidContender Pro account allows you to search by keywords or phrases within projects and tender documents so you can find the most relevant project for you.

Valuable industry information at your fingertips

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    Awarded projects

    Knowing which contractor has been awarded a project helps you to focus your attention on where the real work is. With a Pro subscription, you’ll be able to see details immediately a contractor announces they have been awarded a project, so you can target the winning contractor directly. Just another way to get a seat at the table.

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    Connect with the right person

    Each project listed on BidContender contains contact information related to each tender invitation. Get in touch with the right person, at the right time. They're waiting for quotes from BidContender users just like you. Become a Pro subscriber and search the network for contractor organizations and key contacts.

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Manage all your quotes in one place

  • Protect your margin

    No matter your subscription level, you're able to search for projects and manage quotes in the one place, saving you time and giving you the opportunity to focus on what’s important to your business – winning work and protecting your margins.

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    Streamline quote management

    Distribute and manage quotes instantly and securely online from any device, regardless of the number of the documents, drawings or package size. See all your tender invitations and quotes in one place with live information and updates.

  • Slash printing and admin costs

    With BidContender, you eliminate the need to print out documents, drawings and quotes and send them through the mail. Everything is handled electronically, so there’s no need for paper copies.

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    Up-to-date information

    Be notified of changes to tender documents and ensure you are quoting on the latest set of specifications or drawings. Send RFIs to clarify project details, even before you register interest and submit a quote.

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