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As you know, BidContender places the utmost importance on the security of your data. Our monitoring has to date not detected any attempts have been made to exploit this vulnerability on our systems. Our team responded immediately on receiving the shellshock announcement.

The vulnerability affects operating systems based on Unix technology, and is rectified by a software patch. We are currently applying that patch to all systems that are subject to the vulnerability. None of these systems are used directly by clients, so you should not experience any downtime or other issues associated with this work.

Should any further issues emerge in relation to this vulnerability, or others in future, you can be assured that BidContender will respond to them as matters of the highest priority.

We’ve had an exciting August here at BidContender with the release of our new look and the celebrations continue. The BidContender Team would like to congratulate the following clients on their recent win at the 2014 SA Master Builders Association Excellence Awards.
These prestigious awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding commitment to craftsmanship and professional standards demonstrated by these organizations.
  • Isis Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • Kennett Pty Ltd
  • Marshall & Brougham Constructions
  • Partek Construction & Interiors
  • Romaldi Constructions Pty Ltd

Well done to all the winners! You can check out the winners list here.

As part of Aconex’s redesign, BidContender’s getting a new look. It’s not just a paint-job either, there’s a bunch of improvements that we hope will make every BidContender user’s life easier.

Simpler, cleaner redesign

You’ll find there’s less gradients and shadows on the new site, so the pages are easier to read and quicker to display on old PCs.

Improved navigation menu

Simpler and easy to understand menu items. Plus, it’s always at the top of your browser window, no matter how far down you’ve scrolled.

  • Dashboard (was “Dashboard overview”) – Gives a view of tenders you’ve created. Gold subscribers see an at-a-glance view of all their tenders, with up-to-date stats showing how many quotes have been received.
  • Open Tenders – shows a listing of current Open Tenders available to all BidContender users. Subcontractors can view documents and details on the tenders and express their interest if they are keen to quote.
  • Your invitations (was “Respond to invitations”) – shows a listing of all the invitations to quote on tenders that your organization has received.
  • Your tenders (was “Manage tenders out”) – Show a list of all the tenders created by your organization. (Only available to Gold subscribers.)
  • Network directory – details for every organization registered on BidContender, including contact details.

The “Manage tender” and “Create tender” options have been removed to simplify the navigation. Tenders can be created from the dashboard and from the “Your tenders” screen.

User menu

Easy access to your user details, as well as a list of all users and a link to create a new user. You can also view your account settings from this menu.

Clearer button hierarchy

If there’s a button that’s the most important on the screen, it’s going to be orange. Otherwise, all buttons are blue.

Let us know what you think

Have an opinion? Let us know. This redesign is all about making the site work better for our users – you. You can email us at

BidContender will not be available for a few hours for scheduled maintenance on Sun 15th Dec 2013 3pm EST (rescheduled from Sun 8th).

Date updated to impact less users.

We’re making a move to a new server over the weekend in order to keep BidContender healthy and as part of this we will need to shutdown the service for a few hours.

The outage will start at midday on Sunday and we anticipate being finished by midnight that same day.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you won’t be inconvenienced by this necesssary maintenance.

If you’re looking for a quicker way to find tenders that fit your business, Open Tenders Search is going to make your life a lot easier.

You can now enter the name of a product or service you supply and search throughout the Open Tenders for any projects that you can quote on. BidContender will search through all the information about the project, as well as any text content in the attached documents, so if you want to know what projects need “Acme Widgets” – a quick search of Open Tenders and you’ll know everywhere widgets have been mentioned.

As a limited time preview, this feature is available to all BidContender users for the month of October. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account to use it.

We’re going to be improving the search constantly and your feedback will help us enormously, so please let us know how search is working for you and we’re very keen to hear any suggestion you might have on how to improve it. You can email or leave a comment below.

Why not give search a try now.

Let’s face it – estimators are busy people. If you have a large number of invitations you don’t want to be waiting for a Tender Invitations page to load.

To improve your experience and listening to your feedback, we are releasing a new ‘collapse and expand’ feature for this page.


If your Tender Invitations page includes more than 100 invitations, the page will display all the Tender Invitations collapsed.

Clicking on the name of a Tender Invitation will cause that invitation to expand and show all the invitations. You can expand multiple tenders at a time.


  • You will be able to focus on just a few Tender Invitations – without the extra ‘noise’ of all other invitation’s being detailed
  • Performance, faster displays and less time spent locating the actual tender

We hope you like it. Let us know in the comments how it works for you.

Today we’re unveiling a new design for the open tenders page on BidContender.

The changes we’ve made are aimed at improving the look of the page, as well as enabling a large number of improvements that we’ll be releasing over the next month. Look out for features such as sorting, filtering and searching, that will make it much easier to find the open tenders that are of most interest to you.

For now, here’s the main changes:

  • Builders’ logos make spotting your favourite contractors easier
  • Pop-up panels give quick access to more information about less familiar contractors
  • Icons make browsing the page quicker
  • The list of tenders for each project is displayed in a more compact format, good for smaller screens or large projects

Let us know what you think in the comments below or by email to


You never know when things are going to change. You might have needed every job you could get in January, but February could see you swamped with work and there’s no way you can price all the tenders you accepted through BidContender.

The latest update to the website allows you to decline an invitation you’ve previously accepted, or accept one you’d previously declined. We know things change and we want you to be able to keep everyone up-to-date on the situation.

To change your mind select your new choice from the dropdown menu to the right of each invitation.