Benefits of Online Tender Management

Top 3 reasons to use an online tender management solution

In our rapidly evolving industry it’s vital to maintain a competitive edge and find new ways of doing things. Today, we’ll take you through the top 3 reasons why smart Contractors choose to use an online tendering solution to drive their business.

1. Efficiency

With an online tender management solution, you can publish a tender to the public subcontractor marketplace or send private invitations to tender to your network of preferred subcontractor organisations within minutes.

2. Control

Keep track of tender documents, revisions, addenda and quotes. See all your tender information in one place and have full visibility of packages and subcontractor response rates, deadlines and other key metrics.

3. Return on Investment

Online tendering can provide significant ROI when compared to traditional methods like newspapers. Some BidContender contractors report a monthly saving of up to 65% off their previous monthly tender advertising costs since making the move to online.

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