Announcing the new Messages feature

If the closing date is approaching for a tender and you need to chase up some invitees there's no substitute for ringing round and talking to them - but you don't always have time to call everyone.

BidContender's new Messages feature allows you to easily send an email to all the invitees who haven't yet quoted with just a few clicks.

Messages is still a beta

We're still adding in some features, but we wanted to let you use the feature and give your feedback as early as possible. Currently the subcontractor receives the message as an email and they can reply by email straight back to your email address.

Future improvements may include allowing them to reply from within BidContender and allowing you to view their replies in BidContender as well as in your email.

Other ways you could use Messages

Icon for resending

Resend the invitation email

If a subcontractor loses the invitation email, just send them a message. It includes a link to the invitation, plus other details of the tender.

Awarded icon

Let subcontractors know you've won

It's great to share good news. Now it's dead easy to let every subbie who quoted know you've won the tender.

Message icon

Let people know about a site meeting

If there's an announcement about the tender that doesn't warrant an addendum, a message is the quick way to let everyone know.

How it works

Choose "Send message" from the list of tender invitations

Screenshot of choosing to send a message.

You can choose a set of invitees to send to - such as "All invitees who have not quoted" - and send them a message reminding them that the closing date is approaching. We'll be adding other sets of invitees in the future.

Write your message

Screenshot of creating a message.

Just enter the details for the message.

The recipients then receive an email

Screenshot of the email that recipients will receive.

The email includes your message, details of the tender and a link to access the tender in BidContender.

Let us know what you think

We're still working on improving Messages but we wanted to get the Beta feature live so we could find out what you think of it.

Email us any thoughts to, or leave a comment below. We'd love to hear what you think.

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