Top 3 reasons to use an online tender management solution

In our rapidly evolving industry it’s vital to maintain a competitive edge and find new ways of doing things. Today, we’ll take you through the top 3 reasons why smart Contractors choose to use an online tendering solution to drive their business.

1. Efficiency

With an online tender management solution, you can publish a tender to the public subcontractor marketplace or send private invitations to tender to your network of preferred subcontractor organisations within minutes.

2. Control

Keep track of tender documents, revisions, addenda and quotes. See all your tender information in one place and have full visibility of packages and subcontractor response rates, deadlines and other key metrics.

3. Return on Investment

Online tendering can provide significant ROI when compared to traditional methods like newspapers. Some BidContender contractors report a monthly saving of up to 65% off their previous monthly tender advertising costs since making the move to online.

At BidContender, we’ve been working on product enhancements based on your feedback, along with improvements that we trust will make your BidContender experience simpler and faster.

  • Auto-supersede – when you upload a new document revision to BidContender, it will automatically detect files with matching file names and supersede the old, existing one in the system. For those that use Aconex, you’ll be familiar with this function. Find out more information on our support pages at Support Central.
  • Login – logging into BidContender just got easier. We’ve updated it to capture your email address and added the call centre phone number should you need further assistance.
  • Package allocator performance improvements on IE11 – For those using the IE11 browser, we’ve made improvements to speed up the process. It will be most noticeable for small to medium sized projects. We’re working on performance for larger projects, however if you are experiencing difficulties, we recommend you change your browser from IE11 to Google Chrome. Our testing has shown that Google Chrome performs BidContender tasks significantly faster.

Internet Explorer logoAs of the end of December 2014, BidContender will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) versions 7 or 8. This will affect any users accessing BidContender on these browser versions.

Will I still be able to use BidContender in IE7 or 8?

Yes, you will still be able to log in and work with BidContender using these versions of IE. However, we will stop testing on these browsers, which means that BidContender may occasionally look or perform differently, and some new functionality will not be available.

Why should I upgrade?

  • Security: Older browsers are more likely to have security problems that aren’t addressed by their manufacturers.
  • Speed: Using a newer browser can make your experience of the web faster and smoother.
  • Fewer bugs: By focusing on support for current browsers, we can respond more quickly to iron out bugs and issues.
  • Get more out of BidContender: Like most websites and apps, BidContender uses the latest technologies to bring you the most advanced functionality we can. These technologies require current browsers in order to work reliably. Without them, you may not be able to use the BidContender features you need.

How can I upgrade?

If your company has an IT department, we recommend you speak to them about upgrading your browser. If you have access to upgrade your browser, please download the latest version from the Microsoft website.

Can I use a different browser?

Of course you can. We highly recommend our users switch to Google Chrome where possible, as our testing has shown that BidContender runs significantly faster in most tasks when using this browser. Please download the latest version from the Google Chrome website.

What browsers do you support?

We provide full support for IE11, IE10, IE9, Firefox 11 or later, Chrome 25 or later.

Thank you to all of our customers who have shared feedback with us so far. We have been overwhelmed by your response and ideas to help us make BidContender a better, more intuitive product to help you manage tenders and quotes more efficiently.

Based on your feedback here are the latest releases:

  • RFI before you quote – you can now send a RFI to the contractor to clarify and understand the project better before you invest valuable time and resource submitting a quote.
  • Quote and accept in one – you can now review the project details and then simply submit a quote. Doing this will automatically acknowledge your interest in the project and capture your details.
  • Politely decline – you can now add a note when you decline an invitation. This allows you to provide a reason for your decision and manage the relationship.
  • If you have any suggestions on this new feature let us know at We’d love to hear from you.

    We’re in the early stages of releasing a new feature that allows Gold and Platinum users to manage document revisions more easily.

    Currently, you’ll only run into the feature if you upload a file with exactly the same filename as a document in the same discipline. In this case, BidContender will offer to supersede the existing document automatically. However, if you don’t want to supersede, just deselect that file.

    Very soon, BidContender will start to recognise filenames that appear to be updated revisions of existing documents and will also offer to supersede these. This will make it much easier to upload a lot of new files automatically and ensure the same document remains tracked through its revisions in BidContender.

    A document controller’s dream!

    If you’ve any suggestions on this new feature let us know at We’d love to hear from you.

    MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION (2)The BidContender Team are excited to congratulate more of our winning clients from the 2014 Master Builders Association of Excellence in Construction Awards in Queensland and Victoria. These prestigious awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding commitment to craftsmanship and professional standards demonstrated by these organizations.

    Alder Constructions Pty Ltd
    Badge Construction Projects
    Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd

    APM Group
    Foursquare Construction

    Well done to everyone! You can click through to see the winners list for Queensland and Victoria.

    Shellshock logo

    As you know, BidContender places the utmost importance on the security of your data. Our monitoring has to date not detected any attempts have been made to exploit this vulnerability on our systems. Our team responded immediately on receiving the shellshock announcement.

    The vulnerability affects operating systems based on Unix technology, and is rectified by a software patch. We are currently applying that patch to all systems that are subject to the vulnerability. None of these systems are used directly by clients, so you should not experience any downtime or other issues associated with this work.

    Should any further issues emerge in relation to this vulnerability, or others in future, you can be assured that BidContender will respond to them as matters of the highest priority.

    We’ve had an exciting August here at BidContender with the release of our new look and the celebrations continue. The BidContender Team would like to congratulate the following clients on their recent win at the 2014 SA Master Builders Association Excellence Awards.
    These prestigious awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding commitment to craftsmanship and professional standards demonstrated by these organizations.
    • Isis Group Australia Pty Ltd
    • Kennett Pty Ltd
    • Marshall & Brougham Constructions
    • Partek Construction & Interiors
    • Romaldi Constructions Pty Ltd

    Well done to all the winners! You can check out the winners list here.

    As part of Aconex’s redesign, BidContender’s getting a new look. It’s not just a paint-job either, there’s a bunch of improvements that we hope will make every BidContender user’s life easier.

    Simpler, cleaner redesign

    You’ll find there’s less gradients and shadows on the new site, so the pages are easier to read and quicker to display on old PCs.

    Improved navigation menu

    Simpler and easy to understand menu items. Plus, it’s always at the top of your browser window, no matter how far down you’ve scrolled.

    • Dashboard (was “Dashboard overview”) – Gives a view of tenders you’ve created. Gold subscribers see an at-a-glance view of all their tenders, with up-to-date stats showing how many quotes have been received.
    • Open Tenders – shows a listing of current Open Tenders available to all BidContender users. Subcontractors can view documents and details on the tenders and express their interest if they are keen to quote.
    • Your invitations (was “Respond to invitations”) – shows a listing of all the invitations to quote on tenders that your organization has received.
    • Your tenders (was “Manage tenders out”) – Show a list of all the tenders created by your organization. (Only available to Gold subscribers.)
    • Network directory – details for every organization registered on BidContender, including contact details.

    The “Manage tender” and “Create tender” options have been removed to simplify the navigation. Tenders can be created from the dashboard and from the “Your tenders” screen.

    User menu

    Easy access to your user details, as well as a list of all users and a link to create a new user. You can also view your account settings from this menu.

    Clearer button hierarchy

    If there’s a button that’s the most important on the screen, it’s going to be orange. Otherwise, all buttons are blue.

    Let us know what you think

    Have an opinion? Let us know. This redesign is all about making the site work better for our users – you. You can email us at

    BidContender will not be available for a few hours for scheduled maintenance on Sun 15th Dec 2013 3pm EST (rescheduled from Sun 8th).

    Date updated to impact less users.

    We’re making a move to a new server over the weekend in order to keep BidContender healthy and as part of this we will need to shutdown the service for a few hours.

    The outage will start at midday on Sunday and we anticipate being finished by midnight that same day.

    Thank you for your patience and we hope you won’t be inconvenienced by this necesssary maintenance.