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What is BidContender?

BidContender is Australia’s fastest growing online tendering network specifically built for the construction industry.

Subcontractors have easy and secure access to a broad range of Tender documents and project information with RFIs, updates and addenda at their fingertips.

Main Contractors improve margins and reduce costs with easy distribution and management  of Tenders including  documents, RFIs, addenda and quotes.

Consultants and Engineers are able to publish and share documents of all sizes and types with any other organization anywhere in the world, instantly and securely.

BidContender is part of the Aconex network, which is the world’s most widely used online collaboration platform for construction and engineering projects.

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Coming to the end of our first couple of BidContender jobs and we are 40% down on Tender based variations thanks to BidContender.

James Kennett · Kennett Builders · Adelaide, Australia

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Some questions we often get asked

How much does it cost to respond to invitations to tender?

BidContender is FREE to respond to any tenders you are directly invited to. If you want to search for tenders to bid on then ordinarily you need to subscribe.

Do I need to pay to manage my tenders through BidContender?

Now you're talking, but put it this way, not as much as it currently costs you to manage them elsewhere. Contact BidContender on 1300 246 460 to discuss a subscription and we'll do you a deal to suit your needs

I can’t access my account?

If you have an account, use the login option, enter your email address and password and enter BidContender.If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Can't access your account?' link within the login screen.

How do I get a User account?

When an Organization is already registered, any user with Administration rights within the Organization can create a user. Normally this is someone within the Estimating or Sales team. If you can’t locate anyone with this access contact 1300 604 077 or email - . The Helpdesk team will be able to assist.

I tried to Register my Organization, but it says my ABN number is already taken. What do I do now?

Firstly, have a look at the message on the screen – just below the ABN number – the text listed in red should tell you the colleague that can create a user account for you.
If you can’t locate anyone with this access contact 1300 604 077 or email - . The Helpdesk team will be able to assist.